über 2000 Jahre alte chinesische Steinplatten in einem konfuzianischen Kloster
über 2000 Jahre alte chinesische Steinplatten in einem konfuzianischen Kloster

Free consultation


You can make telephone initial consultations with Andreas Kühne, our long-standing friend and cooperation partner.

These are completely non-binding and free of charge.


In this first telephone contact you can discuss general and individual questions within the framework of Chinese medicine. If further consultations are meaningful, you can clarify directly with Andreas Kühne.
Please understand that Andreas Kühne is not always available for you immediately. Andreas Kuehne has a quite full schedule for his lectures, lectures, and therapies. Try to reach him by telephone in the course of the day. If necessary, he will also call you back if your phone number was visible.

Andreas Kühne, international TCM teacher, principal and Qigong master.

Monday to friday 10-18 hrs

Mobile / SMS +49 170 6812702


Andreas Kühne


Trained by Master Kaikham Thammavong, Germany / Laos 1986-1990 as a private student
Study stays: East West Academy of Healing Arts, San Francisco, USA; Lotos Institute, Laguna Beach, USA; Xi Yuan Clinic for Chinese Medicine, Beijing, China (1999/2000/2001/2002/2004/2007/2010); Chinese Medicine Hospital Zhengzhou, Henan, China (2000); Shaolin Temple Wushu Training Center, Shaolin, Henan, China (1999/2001); Shaolin Monastery Wushu Institute in Tagou, Henan, China (2000), Beilin Zhangxilan Practice Xi'an, China (2015)
Other teachers: Dr. Effie Chow, CA, USA; Lillian Bridges, USA; Kevin Chen, New Jersey Medical School, USA; Richard M. Chin, Long Island University, USA; Garri Garripoli, CA, USA; Binhui He, China; Nan Lu, New Jersey, USA; Yoshiaki Omura, New York, USA; Kangmin Shu, China; Sifu Kiev Kit Wong, CA, USA; Thornton Chamberlin, Switzerland; Professor Basilio Chen, San Francisco, USA; Rene Goris, Netherlands; Jerry Alan Johnson, CA, USA; Mark Johnson, USA; Karen Kingston, UK; Michael Tierra, CA, USA; Shi Yong Dao, Shaolin, China and others
Visiting lecturers: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Laguna Beach, New York City, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, USA; London, Brighton, Inverness, Chichester, Midhurst, UK; Beijing, Zhengzhou, China; Chlachtol, Scotland; Bäckefors, Sweden and in different cities in Germany


  • 10.09.1990 Foundation of the Thammavong School Neustrelitz

  •     Lecturer at Volkshochschulen in Neubrandenburg and Neustrelitz

  •     Qigong - Courses for Barmer, AOK, DAK

  •     Qigong training manager (1 year) for the therapists at Station 5 of the Klinikum Sommerfeld

  •     1991/1992 Visit to various Qigong schools in England (short seminars)

  •     1994-1999 Summer seminars on Chinese Medicine and Kung Fu in Clachtol, Scotland

  •     Lessons in Laguna Beach, California, USA (Diagnostics of Chinese Medicine, Nutrition, Basics of Classical Chinese Medicine)

  •     Teaching at Prof. Basilio Chen in California (Qigong, Diet, Classical Chinese Medicine)

  •     1997 co-founder and since then chairman of the "German Qigong Association" (at the request of the World Qigong Federation and proposal   of various former participants of the training of Thammavong school "Qigong of Chinese medicine")

  •     1997/1998 courses at Bruce Frantzis (Spinal Qigong), Binhui He (Medical Qigong), Kangmin Shu (Qigong for Prevention)

  •     1999 Teaching in Dao Gong at Master Fu in Beijing, China

  •     1999 Basic and advanced course with Karen Kingston (Outer Qigong, Feng Shui)

  •     Lecturer activity in relaxation technique, stress regulation, healthy lifestyle, diet, qigong exercises, among others. (Eg BfW, BMD, DRK, ISBW, ÜAZ, Müritzakademie, Fachhochschule Neubrandenburg, Kinderheim Uelzen), as well as other institutions

  •     Lectures on Qigong and Chinese medicine at various clinics (for example, in Dierhagen)

  •     1999 Workshifting and Masterseminar at the 2nd and 3rd Qigong World Congress in San Francisco, California

  •     1999 Seminar on "Centering" in Los Angeles, California, USA

  •     1999/2000 lessons with Michael Tierra, OMD in England (Chinese medicine and herbal medicine)

  •     1999/2000 lessons with Dr.Chow at the Thammavong school in Neustrelitz

  •     Head of various seminars on Qigong and Chinese Medicine in London, Brighton and Inverness, UK

  •     Head of various seminars on Qigong in Bäckefors, Sweden

  •     Head of various seminars in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

  •     1999/2000/2001/2002/2004/2007/2010/2012 Teaching and clinical internship at the Xi Yuan Hospital in Beijing, China (Classical Chinese Medicine, Qigong, Tuina)

  •     2000 Teaching and clinical practice at the Chinese Medicine Hospital Zhengzhou, Henan, China (Classical Chinese Medicine, Qigong)

  •     2001 Teaching and Internship at the Shaolin Temple Training Center, Shaolin, Henan, China (Roots of the 18 Monastic Exercises of Boddhidarma)

  •     Speaker at the 3rd National Sector Conference Healthcare 2007 in Rostock (Topic: Chinese Medicine in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern)

  •     2003 Continuing Education on Chinese Facial Diagnosis at Lillian Bridges in Düsseldorf (German Acupuncture Society)

  •     Since 2009 regular seminar management on various topics of Chinese medicine in Brighton, Chichester & London, England

  •     2011 Conducting a seminar on the topic "Nutrition in Chinese Medicine" in New York City, USA

  •     In 2014, he retired as a guest lecturer in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

  •     Head of the Clinical Internship and Continuing Education in the Beilin Zhangxilan Practice of Professor He in Xi'an, China 2015



Skype consulting

As of now, you can use Andreas Kuehne to charge you for paid personal consultation hours via Skype. Please contact us directly by phone 08927371848, email or contact form. You can also book a Skype consultation directly on the homepage of Andreas Kühne.

Doctors' office hours via Skype
Patient consultation by Skype


Andreas Kuehne is currently anglophil-oriented, especially according to GB but also in the USA. He has completed a major part of his education in the UK and the USA. A large part of his patients still recruited from the English-speaking world. Therefore, the current English-language homepage; But the homepage will soon be published in German. Personal information of Andreas Kühne provides detailed information www.andreas-kuehne.com.




Both the non-binding and free telephone initial contacts as well as the subsequent health advice are held directly between the patients and TCM therapists and are settled and billed directly between the patients and TCM therapists. The company Herba Natura Harald Noll B.V. Is not responsible for the content and any billing between the patients and the TCM therapists.

Please note that a telephone consultation can not replace a medical examination. If necessary, you will have available the results of the examination and diagnoses.

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